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One stop shop for buying agro food items like Dried Pineapple Fruit, Ajwa Dates, Natural Brown Flax Seeds, Broken Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Strawberries, etc.

Over the past 20 years, Geesai Enterprises has developed into a reputable company in the wholesale trade of premium dry fruits, jaggery, sugars, candies, spices, and baking supplies. Due to their unrivaled quality and dependability, our wide variety of products fetch a premium price on the market and meet all applicable quality criteria. Our professionals provide products that adhere to industry trends, and we use the best procurement techniques. Our packaging complies with industry standards. As the industry recommends, the nuts are wrapped in high-quality polyethylene bags with full manufacturer information to preserve their quality and nutritional benefits and lengthen their shelf life. We take care to avoid causing any damage to the products when distributing our materials and work tirelessly to satisfy both Indian and international clients. Geesai shocks its customers by keeping prices low without sacrificing quality. We aim to put our best foot forward and develop alongside the customers based on our honesty, devotion to customer satisfaction, and business ethics. 

Geesai Enterprises is a group of devoted people who appreciate their work and have a thorough understanding of the industry. We credit our talented and motivated team for our reputation and success in the market. The majority of our staff members have been with us since day one. Our facilities are kept up, and the working environment is sterile, pandemic-aware, and adheres to the established standards for the sector. Because of our dedication to quality, strict internal monitoring, and respect for delivery deadlines, our large clientele continues to do business with us. Their purchase of our wonderful products provides them with adequate value. 

Our Mission

We continue to uphold the highest quality standards for our products while offering them at rates that are competitive and backed by the greatest customer service.

Our Vision

We are here for our customers. Therefore, we want to support our client's growth and help them become more competitive in the retail industry.